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Merlot Jersey Knit Gownie

Merlot Jersey Knit Gownie

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  • 100% Merlot Jersey Knit Cotton Gown - feels like a T-shirt
  • Strings down the back? Forget it! Snaps down the back ensure total coverage from top to bottom
  • Front snap down panels allow YOU to easily open & close for examinations, breastfeeding & skin to skin contact with your baby
  • Epidural? No problem, Gownies are designed to accommodate - We've got you covered!
  • Handy pockets on both sides
  • No more over sized, tatty old hospital gowns. Gownies come in 3 sizes.
  • Deliver in style & comfort! You will have those delivery & newborn pictures forever!
  • Hospital provided gowns are washed with harsh chemicals - say no & bring your own Gownie!
  • Hospital staff approved & appreciated

Model is 5"10 and wearing size S/M

Please choose your pre pregnancy size.

The time has finally arrived for you to deliver! Here is the perfect alternative to that oh so many used tatty old hospital gown.

Gownies offer you the modesty you will crave with snaps down the back to cover from top to bottom along with off shoulder snaps on both sides allowing for easy breastfeeding & immediate skin to skin contact with your new baby.

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