What To Pack In Your Hospital Bag For a Great Delivery!

What To Pack in Your Hospital Bag For a Great Delivery ?

Delivering a baby and bringing a new addition to the family is one of the most memorable times of your life. In the rush to get to the hospital, it is easy to forget items that you and the baby would need. Planning and packing a hospital bag ahead of time can be helpful and stress-free. Since most deliveries require a one to three day stay, it is best to pack with that in mind. A good time to get everything packed is around the time you reach full terms (37 weeks). Follow these tips to be prepared and comfortable to meet your little one.

Pre-labor Items to Pack
The most important items for delivery are your birth plan, driver’s license and insurance cards. A birth plan can be helpful for your obstetrician and nurses to review before the delivery. Your driver’s license and insurance information are often required when you check into the hospital. You may also want to pack a list of important phone numbers for the birth, including numbers for the pediatrician, family and friends.

Comfort Items for Labor
Choose items that make your birth experience more comfortable and memorable. One great item for your hospital bag is a maternity hospital gown for extra comfort. Gownies are available in 100% organic and/or 100% cotton and come in a variety of cute patterns such as the timeless Ella or the cheerful Angelina. A fun maternity hospital gown is also adorable for personalized pictures after the baby is born.
There is a reason delivery is called labor. It can be tiring, so bring a fun pillow case from home to cover your pillow with (like our bright Nicole pillow case!); by choosing a vibrant color, your personal pillow case won’t get mixed up with the hospital laundry.

Remember to pack soft, non-skid labor socks to prevent both literal and metaphorical cold feet – all hospital checklists mention that your feet can get cold in labor and during the stay, so be prepared! Get a giggle by wearing socks with a saying on the bottom – such as “Ready, Set, Push!”. Another small, but not to be forgotten item, to bring is some lip balm. Lip balm is an essential item to your comfort, as ice chips are only allowed in labor, and lips can quickly feel dry and chapped.

Items for the Newborn
No hospital bag is complete without a camera to take pictures of the little addition to the family. Make sure to choose a timeless and adorable baby layette set, such as blue or pink dotty receiving gown and hat to avoid temperature changes for the baby. You’ll want to pack an equally adorable baby going-home outfit and have family members ready to snap your baby’s first photos.

Items for After the Birth
The average hospital stay for a birth ranges from one to three days. With an assortment of visitors dropping by, it’s important to pack items that make you feel comfortable as well as beautiful. Add pampering toiletries such as lotion and lip gloss with your standard toiletries to your hospital bag.

Packing a nursing bra and breast pads can help you to feel more comfortable after the birth. Another important consideration is choosing clothes that are cute and do double duty for nursing. The maternity and nursing shirts are great for that transition period after birth. These shirts are both flattering and functional for nursing your newborn and can be worn as a tunic later on. Choose a versatile maternity pant that is flattering and adjustable.

Don’t wait till last minute to pack the hospital bag. Use the simple and handy checklist below to make sure you have packed everything that been recommended for your trip to the hospital to deliver the baby:


  1. Birth plan
  2. Driver’s license
  3. Insurance cards
  4. Important phone numbers
  5. Gownies maternity hospital gowns
  6. Fun pillow case
  7. Labor socks
  8. Lip balm
  9. Camera
  10. Layette set
  11. Newborn diapers
  12. Baby socks
  13. Baby blankets
  14. Feeding supplies
  15. Toiletries
  16. Nursing bra and pads
  17. Before and After maternity and nursing shirts
  18. Before and After maternity and postpartum pants

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