How to Get the Best Fresh 48 Pictures

How to Get the Best Fresh 48 Pictures

We know there’s a lot of pressure for a new mom to take the perfect first pictures with her newborn. You may look through countless pictures online of your friends welcoming their little ones in perfect style, and it may feel like, “how do they do it?” It’s the last thing you need to be worrying about right now, when you’re bringing your new bundle of joy into the world.

That’s why Baby Be Mine Maternity makes getting your Fresh 48 pictures super easy.

Make your pictures stand out with a matching family set. 

Start with mom:

You’ll likely still be in the hospital, so comfort is key. Luckily, our mom pieces are not just super comfortable, crafted of lovely soft cotton, but are also incredibly cute. The easy-to-wear robe layer is great to throw on for visitors, but also effortlessly photographs perfectly for a baby arrival announcement.

Under the robe, layer a Labor Gown. Take your cute photos in a hospital approved set, and then use the shoulder snaps for instant skin-to-skin contact with your little one. These also make breastfeeding super easy and accessible.

Now match dad:

Your first pictures with baby will really stand out when dad matches, too! Put your hubby in the most adorable t-shirt, twinning with not only you, but your newborn.

Match siblings:

If you have any other kids, you probably would like to involve them in the pictures. Our t-shirts are easy to get them to wear, easy to play in, and super cute. We pride ourselves on making matching super simple.

Of course, match the new baby:

Now here’s the best part. You have everyone dressed up perfectly: yourself, the dad, and your older kids… it’s time to announce your perfect bundle of joy, and they will perfectly match everyone in the photo. Choose between our adorable swaddles, and our super cute baby gowns, with openings for easy diaper changes.

And there you have it. Your perfect Fresh 48 photos!

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