Hospital Bag Must-Have Essentials

Hospital Bag Must-Have Essentials

It’s 2023, and it’s time to update our hospital bag essentials list! Say goodbye to tatty, overused hospital provided clothing and welcome a bit of comfort into your delivery room. Here is our updated list of must-have essentials to add when packing your go-bag.

1. Our Best Selling 3-in-1 Labor Gown

Amelia Labor Gown

We simply cannot recommend bringing a Labor Gown enough. What makes them better than a standard hospital gown, you may ask? Let’s go over the features.

Modest Snaps Down The Back:

No need to worry about flashing anyone when wearing a Labor Gown. You’ll love being able to cover up for walking to the bathroom, family visits in the hospital, and pictures with your growing family.

Chest Snaps:

We pride ourselves on our Labor Gowns being a 3 in 1 purpose gown: maternity, labor, and nursing. The shoulder snaps are perfect for breastfeeding, immediate skin-to-skin after delivery, and examinations during labor.

Adjustable Waist:

Get dressed to deliver and wear your Labor Gown all throughout your pregnancy as a house dress that accommodates for your growing bump. Simply adjust the waist using the drawstring as needed! Plus, this is an extra layer of comfort to be able to adjust your clothing during your stay at the hospital.

Machine Washable:

Since you’ll love wearing this gown throughout your entire maternity and newborn journey (you may even deliver in it!), you’ll be thrilled to know that you can machine wash on cold.

2. A Matching Baby Set

Wrap your newborn in soft comfort with our collection of picture-perfect baby gowns and swaddles. Have the swaddle ready for immediate comfort at the hospital and the best matching fresh 48 pictures ever, and the baby gown for the cutest and most easy to wear coming home outfit.

Gia Baby Gown

3. Our Maternity and Nursing Robe

They’ll tell you time and time again how important skin-to-skin contact with your newborn is. You won’t realize it until you’re holding your little one yourself, and then you won’t be able to get enough. Our robes are perfect not only for pregnancy, with the attached adjustable waist belt sitting above your bump, but as a wonderful set for nursing. Plus, match baby’s set for the most precious first pictures!

4. Accessories

Though this may seem like a small addition to your hospital bag, trust me, you’re going to regret not having these.

Non-Slip Labor Socks:

Let’s face it. Hospitals can be cold, and there’s nothing worse than cold toes. We can help you prevent that, though, with our super cute non-skid labor socks! Plus, feel safer taking your first walk after birth and heading to the bathroom with socks that can help to prevent slipping.

Matching Pillowcase:

So we’ve discussed how overused the hospital provided gowns can be, and how they can leave you with a gross feeling. I mean, who wore that before you, you know? But what about the hospital provided pillowcases? That’s why we recommend bringing your own pillowcase, something that feels like home to lay your head on and feel completely comfortable with. Plus, our pillowcases can match your Labor Gown or robe, and we don’t think it gets much cuter than that.

Amelia Pillowcase

5. Matching Family Sets

So you’ve had your baby, and they’re perfect. Possibly the most perfect thing in the world, other than your other kids of course! Involve the whole family and have everyone dress up for pictures with their new sibling.

Willow Family Sets


Dad T-Shirts:

Dads love to be involved in the fun. Don’t forget to pack him a shirt which will match baby’s swaddle or baby gown!

Sibling T-Shirts:

In sizes 2 Years to 12 Years, announce your delivery online to relatives all around the world with Big Brother or Big Sister holding their new bestie.

Anais Big Sister

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